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Fulton, NY

windstream = worst internet ever :/

ive always had issues with windstream but i found ways around it. but since November ive been having internet outages, or if i have internet its slow. i pay for 3mbps and i cant upgrade to anything higher. this is my speedtest result been the same for a couple months i keep logs

so i would like to say im thinking of switching to a different internet provider. i would rather pay more and get internet then take 5hours to load a web page. good luck windstream you have until the week after xmas to fix it.


If you can switch now, you might as well. Windstream is inept when it comes to upgrades and fixes. Some forum-goers on here have been waiting months to a year or more for issue resolution.

Grinnell, IA
This provider makes Mediacom cable look like an A+ orginization I left them and will NEVER have service with them again. I don't care how bad Mediacom is WIndstream is trash and utter scum of a provider

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
yes, if you have an option, go ahead and switch. Not only have they always made me wait, it's gotten so many times worse now customer service is a joke. About two years ago they were so over sold in my area, Sin #1.
Then where I worked, a BUSINESS ACCOUNT, they provisioned us wrong. I could tell. I have worked IT. I never had over 1.5 M on a 3M account at work, every. I ran software that no matter what time of day I would never even pull a single spike over 1.5M. I then experimented with mulitstream downloads that will often over come over sold accounts. No luck. I could pull nothing but a download that was obviously capped at 1.5M.
I called over and over and over. Same routine. They would not advance my ticket no matter how many times I called because they were not opening tickets in my area for limited bandwidth because of known issues (they over sold).
I was beside myself. I know what I am seeing and they would not open a ticket.
Lucky I knew the local guy, and after I told the story, he looked into it, and within 24 hr I was fixed. I was provisioned wrong. dah...

So you think I have faith in them? no so much.
| Speedstream 4200 Modem - 3m/384 plan | W98-W2KSP4-XPSP2 - All AMD | Buffalo WHR G54S with Tomato 1.18 | 3 downstream switches feeding 6 total clients (no wireless) | Including the Data port on the side of my neck |


Douglas, GA
reply to IowaMan
Feb will be 2 years waiting here.. True Story.

Saint Matthews, SC
reply to dylanb
I've been a member for 2.8 years. That's how long I've been having Windstream issues. However, I'm glad I found this site. =p


reply to wheelbarrow
Was told in April or May that my ETR was December 31, 2012. That date is coming very soon and I don't see anything happening.


Douglas, GA
said by DavidFromKY4:

Was told in April or May that my ETR was December 31, 2012. That date is coming very soon and I don't see anything happening.

if you are in the same area as i am, the date has already been pushed back to 3/21/2013 and possibly to 7/31/2013.. good luck