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reply to mendinfences8

Re: 4G MiFi Plan -- Options Re: Usage

said by mendinfences8:

** Is it reasonable to think we could do the above and stay within the 20GB limit?

How big is a Roku movie? I know nothing about the service but e.g. iTunes has 480p, 720p and 1080p versions to help manage size/speed. Don't forget that downloading larger objects means proportionally more upstream traffic.

(I ask because a) we are currently used to 3G speeds for general work and b) it SEEMS that the 20GB at 3G speeds would "save" GBs???)

If you find youself spending a great deal of time waiting for pages to load compared to the amount of time you spend reading them (or something equivalent for you) then your link speed is the limiting factor and a faster link will result in more traffic. Otherwise not so much unless you change your habits.

By the way, I find it hard to believe in speeds tests. The Ookla app seems to quite reliably test my 3Mbs DSL link but claims 20Mbs downlink for my Jetpack. testmy.net gives a more reasonable 10Mbs downlink speed but my DSL adapter lets me read the counters directly so I know what's going on.