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Extending wireless range of the Arris Gateway?

Is there any way to extend the wireless range of the Arris Gateway? In the past, I was able to extend routers through WDS. Currently, being just 10 feet from the gateway I only get 4 out of 5 bars on all my wireless signals (laptop, phone or tablet). Going to my second floor the signal connects/drops too often to be useful.

Short of tweaking the settings (autochannel, high power, g/n only, etc), I'm not sure what else to try.


Park Ridge, IL
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Besides tweaking the settings or relocating the gateway all together, your only other option would be to pick up a wireless AP or range extender. A lot of wireless routers can be put in AP mode, and if that isn't an option in the settings, you can just plug the ethernet cable in to one of the LAN ports on the wireless router, disable DHCP, and for the most part be good to go.

Body Count

Columbus, OH
Only way is to change the power level. I have mine on high and the range is horrible. My gateway is upstairs in our spare room. Downstairs I get one bar anywhere I go. Even directly under the room. Upstairs outside of the room I get around two bars. Inside the room it jumps up to full bars but I have to be right next to the box.


Cleveland, OH
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I own a 3-floor 2700 sq ft home. My gateway resides in my basement office, and the wireless signal is fair, at best, on the first floor and non-existent on the second floor without assistance. I purchased a $30 wireless (N) repeater, and now get great reception throughout the entire house! This enough to push an HD wireless signal throughout the home without even a burp!

tia tia

Which repeater did you get for 30?