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Lachine, QC

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reply to Lucid

Re: [Internet] Sagemcom 2864 port fowarding no longer working?!?

I'm upset at Bell for doing this firmware upgrade without notifying customers. I spent days trying to figure out why all of a sudden I was getting network connection errors to my IP cameras and other ports. Hours doing "factory resets" on gear, modems and re-configuring applications. It's only once I de-activated my iPhone's wi-fi (it then defaulted to the cellular carrier signal) that I noticed there was nothing wrong with the IP addressing. This lead me to the Sagemcom 2864 port forwarding and more hours of testing different settings on how to re-activate the use of external IP within the network (to no avail...).

Eventually the research led me here and I learn from OP Lucid of Bell's firmware upgrade and he can't forward ports either... over 10 days ago!! It's a good thing the Mayan predicted the end of the world tomorrow (December 21, 2012) otherwise I would have to find alternate means to end this misery !

The solution above by LeaveBell does work! If you use a second router and bridge it to your Bell connection hub (the Sagemcom), your second router will do the job of port forwarding correctly.

I can't thank both Lucid and LeaveBell enough for not only identifying the problem but also solving it. Oddly enough, I can also report that my internet speed is also faster using this methodology. I have Fibe12 and FibeTV. My tested speed is attached: 12.2 Mbps d/l and 1.5 on the upload (wired). I'm getting 11.75 Mbps d/l and 1.4 Mbps u/l on the wireless. Both these results are better than what I was getting from the Sagemcom 2864 prior to their messing up the port forwarding!

Again, thanks!


East York, ON
Does anyone else have a solution to this problem that does not involve adding an extra device? My router (+ATA) are on a UPS (12vdc, no inverter) so adding an extra device will reduce my battery life by 50% (to first order) unless I upgrade the battery (fairly undesireable due to footprint limitations).

Barring a solution here, I'll try contacting Bell directly. This port forwarding limitation is unbelieavably stupid.


A workaround is to setup an internal DNS with a tool called dnsmasq and overwrites (by adding an entry to host file) the external fully qualified host name so it resolves to a local IP.

In my environment, file dnsmasq.conf looks like this:

Last step is to set static DNS on all local machines so it points to server running dnsmasq.