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WISP setup

Hi guys,

I am planning on building a Non profit WISP in our small community in the Philippines. Right now there is no internet connectivity there so people have to go to town to go use the internet. Anyway, i came across some issues and i know this is the best place where i can get a more real world answers. Here it goes;
First i am planning to put a tower in the middle of the community. Anwireless hd-70' would have been perfect. Unfortunately the shipping cost alone will consume most of my budget. Any suggestions?
Second, my source will be a dsl connection which is roughly 7 km away going thru a couple of tree lines. There is a water tower beside the source, im planning on using it. Incase i get a clear LOS im planning on using ubnt m5 with 30 dbi rocket dish on both end and maybe a ubnt 900 sectoral for the subs.
Btw, I am planning on having my own tower fabricated. Is it a good idea?



Cold Lake, AB

You probably want UBNT Rocket M900 AP's but you will also need to use the shields from rfarmor.

The numbers (from memory) mean about 17 or 18 sq. ft. of surface area for wind load based on the area of 2 out of the 3 shields. The anwireless hd-70 appears to be able to handle that provided the soil and tower base are properly done.

I used an "H-Mount" with about 18" offset from the tower to mount the 900 sectors. This also means that they aren't that easy to work on after installation.

If you fabricate your own tower, how do you know that it will survive wind and other environmental conditions? What about liability insurance and local regulations?



Thanks for the info bburley it is really appreciated. I had been talking to a friend of mine (he is a licensed civil engineer) and he told me he will help me out with a proper design. I'm just afraid that it might cost me more when he helped me(he is known to over engineer things )
Im planning to install the tower inside my property with nothing in falling distance but trees (and my house ), so no issue with the local authorities.

Right now my first priority is the tower, im pretty sure i will not get any clear LOS without it. Anybody have a suggestion?


Atlanta, GA
reply to Embet

Hi Embet,

Are you sure 900MHz is unlicensed in Philippines? It may very well be but in most places throughout the world this is used by GSM. It is something to check for sure.

Harold Bledsoe

London, UK
reply to Embet

You say there is no Internet, so people go to town to use it.

So my first question before anything technical would be: does anyone even have a computer at home?

Also, 7km for DSL is a loooonng way. Unless your copper pair is a large sq/mm you're going to get very low speed, if it will even work at all (no idea what copper pair quality is like in the Philippines.)

In that case I think you'd be better off building backhaul somewhere closer and get the DSL delivered there to guarantee higher sync rate.

And at that, you should make sure that your chosen ISP has no issues with resale of access to that DSL service. This is typically prohibited on residential services, and even some business services. The last thing you want is your service going out because the DSL has been switched off due to breach of T&C.

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA

I think he said his DSL connection is 7km away from where his tower will be. So he is shooting from his DSL connection into his town.