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reply to kes601

Re: Actiontec MI424WR FIOS N Router REV. I

said by kes601:

said by lordphong :

said by claibourne:

In the newest Rev I firmware, options to control UPnP and IGMP Proxy have been removed from the "Advanced Settings" page.

Those settings don't exist in Rev. I. They took out both the UPnP and IGMP settings in firmware 40.19.36.

Then on the Rev I is there no way to disable IGMP proxy? Just wondering because when it is enabled it makes my Airport Express speakers useless.

go to Advanced->Routing and uncheck the IGMP. that just disable the IGMP.


Virginia Beach, VA
Now I'm confused, you just said they removed the settings from Rev I......

I don't have a Rev I right now, but if the settings are gone then I wouldn't want to upgrade.


New York, NY
reply to lordphong
That is not going to work for his purposes of getting the Airport Express speakers to work. IGMP is needed for multicast as I understand, but the IGMP Proxy is blocks multicast from the Airport Express and the HDHomeRun prime (this is the problem I'm experiencing with my router at the moment).

In the latest firmware, 40.19.36, IGMP proxy settings are removed and you can no longer disable IGMP proxy. There are several people who have tried to downgrade the firmware with limited success.

Once a downgrade is completed, Fios will push the new firmware back onto the router. Blocking the port for which the firmware is pushed into the router is not allowed on the actiontec router. The only way to overcome this problem is to disable the internet/remove coax from the router.

If anyone knows of a workaround this would be great, otherwise I'm stuck with a HDHomeRun Prime that can only work over a wired network.


You are correct. I did not say you can disable IGMP proxy. I said you can disable IGMP, which is not the same thing. It worked for some people and not all. Most people need the multicast as you have said but it's still worth a try.