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Mississauga, ON
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reply to HammerofGawd

Re: Having read feedback on TekSavvy, perhaps I Rogers better

said by HammerofGawd:

The problem, BIG PROBLEM, I have with TS is that they are NOT the PROVIDER, they are a RESELLER. And both TS and you are relying on Rogers good will to do their part, if they don't for whatever reason, what is your recourse? Example: TS cxs who call Rogers for missing truck rolls are kindly redirected back to TS who cant do anything either AFAIK (can TS reps call the Rogers dispatch? Doubtful). Trouble (eg noise) on the line? Dont call Rogers, you are not a customer of their's.

That's where the fine line in the sand is drawn... you're correct on every point.

You're not a rogers customer DO NOT call them. Teksavvy cannot call dispatch, they have no access, so it seems like resellers but they have their own hardware up to the POI. A lot of money invested for "resellers"

That's where the line in the sand is drawn and if it wasn't for the access they do not have then it wouldn't be labeled a reseller. Sadly until this changes they will always appear this way and i don't think it'll ever change. Great prices and bandwidth but do not expect a speedy resolve on technical issues