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Woodbridge, VA

If he would have monitored his credit...

he would not have run into these issues.

I use the monitoring service that AMEX offers. If there are any changes or inquires, it is reported to me in seconds by by text to my cell phone.

He really has no one to blame but himself for his issues. I have no idea how you go two years without checking your credit report. That is crazy. I've been monitoring mine for decades. Although now monitoring is the easiest it's ever been since you can get instant notification when anything pops up.


·AT&T DSL Service

None the less not many actually signs up for those extra services as its just an extra bill to pay monthly most Americans only check there credit once a year at best ( I remember a report I read said only 20-30% check it more than once a year) I check my credit once a yr for free and from that point on I think nothing of it, I rather use cash or debit cards when possible so only need credit/ credit checks for when making huge purchases, eg. house, car, boat, etc ...


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A company is still liable for tarnishing your credit wrongfully. If he kept good record, the burden falls upon Comcast to have properly credited his account. He isn't responsible for Comcast's negligence in marring his credit score, improperly applying credits, and failing to account for the equipment. Just because he didn't check his credit score regularly, doesn't mean he didn't take appropriate action.

From the sound of the story, he made multiple attempts to rectify the problem. Comcast failed time and time again. Simple.


Cortland, NY
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If companies weren't dufas we wouldn't have to track our rating though

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He wouldn't have run into this issue if he hadn't done business with comcast either, so what is your point??? I think the only mistake he made, was leaving out his mental anguish on the suit. I am sure if it were I, there would be at least 7 0s to the left of the decimal. Large corps are complacent because they know it increases profit. Since they choose to be complacent, their acts are intentional. The only way for corps to take notice of their actions is to make it financially crushing when they wrong someone and do nothing to correct it. For instance, if the Fed would have fined Exxon out of business for the Valdez spill, other oil companies would redouble their efforts to be sure their tankers don't create a spill because they would have a clear picture of what would happen if they allow one to occur. I see no difference in this case with comcast.


Fremont, OH
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If America was like other countries, we wouldn't need to depend so heavily on "credit". And the more and more people realize that the more it won't matter.


Roseville, MI
reply to Shadow01

He also wouldn't have run into this issue if he would have returned the modem on time.