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Expected UpTimes

I understand that most WISP are a small outfit of 1 or 2 people but what is your users expected service availability? I'm a subscriber to a WISP and it seems not a month goes by without having a issue. You call their tech support and basically leave your number and they say someone will call you back and they never do. You can't speak to someone involved in the business directly. When the service is working it's great. But then you might be down for several days. This time nearly 2 weeks.

Just wondered if this is the norm in the buisness.


It is NOT the norm.

At least for an operator who knows what they are doing.

There are sadly quite a few out there who think that buying some radios, a mikrotik, and some high end DSL makes them into a "Carrier". They give us a pretty shitty name.

Granted most of us are "mom-and-pop" shops so even I have to admit to having the voicemail grab some calls. But we are in the process of changing a lot of internal office stuff around so that will soon be a thing of the past. But your case where you have to call constantly is not right.

We typically see two reasons for your situation.

1) An operator who just simply doesn't know what they are doing, and are being baptized by fire. This sucks. You're at the mercy of their incompetence. The good news is they either learn fast, or sink fast.

2) An operator who is driven more by $$ than service. These are the ones I hate the most. I can teach an idiot, but I can't teach someone who wears a suit and insists on seeing results. These are the people who will install a marginal client in hopes of getting the money anyway without serious complaints. A simpler "I'm sorry but we just can't service you at the moment" would have solved the problem and freed the crew to do another install. If you're shooting through a pile of trees, or you're noticing weather etc being a problem, you most likely were the result of this.

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In a lot of cases the problem is not the entire WISP infrastructure it's the shot to the customer. Sadly a LOT of WISP Installers seem to think that hooking up a customer that just happens by the grace of gawd to have a signal when they show up for the install, when there is no reasonable explanation for why that signal is there, is a good idea. That's so pathetically wrong it's sinful and it reflects badly on all other providers... and this isn't just mom and pop shops, this is a VERY common practice with the largest WISP in Canada.

Now if you have a clue about what you are doing and if you want to grow a solid business then the customers see uptimes that put DSL to shame.... Barring a close to natural disaster our customers see up times of several weeks to a month or two without interruption. By comparison the few DSL customers that we have via a reseller agreement have uptimes of less than 3 days on average.

As for servicing what you are selling: a residential end user outage should be resolved within 18 hours of it being reported and a Backhaul outage should be resolved within 4 hours... so under no circumstances is it reasonable for the customer to be without service for more that 24 hours worst case.

Uptimes from a small repeater site - I've removed customer identity info. Site was last rebooted following a firmware upgrade 3 weeks and 4 days ago.

int wire reg pr
0 wlan2 3w4d12h13m20s
1 wlan1 3w4d12h12m18s
2 wlan1 3w4d12h12m18s
3 wlan1 3w4d12h12m18s
4 wlan1 3w4d12h12m18s
5 wlan1 3w4d12h12m6s
6 wlan1 3w4d11h52m4s
7 wlan1 3w56m2s
8 wlan1 2w4d7h27m42s
9 wlan1 2w2d4h8m57s

Deltaville, VA
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Definately... Two weeks is completely unacceptable. No call backs is also completely unacceptable. If they are your only option, I am sorry. Don't judge all the WISPs by one. Contact WISPA and see if they can find a carrier for you.