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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

Always get a receipt

Always return equipment to a service center and get a receipt. I once returned a modem (when the cable was in another person's name) years ago only to have Comcast loss prevention show up looking for an unreturned modem.

As for the guy, I think Comcast should settle this one.

As for debt collectors, you do have rights (and I have done this before) is you send the debt collector a certified letter return receipt requested requesting that the debt collector obtain verification of the debt from the original creditor.


·Time Warner Cable
Sometimes, that doesn't even help.

I went through the same thing with Verizon Wireless many years ago, and I had my cancellation (cancelled at the Verizon Wireless store 1 day after I renewed ).

1 month later I received a bill for monthly service. I called up and complained, stated that I cancelled 1 day after renewing (had 14 days to cancel). The CS states that it mustn't have been processed in their system and to ignore it until the next one, as it was auto generated.

Next month I receive another bill... with late fees + another month of service charges!

A few days later they send me a note with a warning of cancellation of service + ETF + collections if I didn't pay.

I end up on a 3 way call with Verizon Wireless, the local corp store (where I returned the phone and received my cancellation receipt).

VZW Store - We sent our cancellation to corporate to be processed
VZW - We don't have a cancellation in our system, and never received it.
ME - I have a copy - can I bring it in ?
VZW - No - it has to be the original from the store.
ME - I'm not paying this.
VZW - We will be sending this to collections.
ME - I'll be contacting the BBB and a lawyer.

Note: This was before the no lawsuit clause.

I contacted BBB, and all was taken care of. 3 Months on PITA dealing with Verizon Wireless, and why I'll never use them again.