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Winter Springs, FL
reply to BHNtechXpert

Re: Router with parental controls

I've always found Open DNS's content filtering (when forced using a script in the router so it can't be bypassed on a computer by changing their DNS servers) to be very effective, however it doesn't appear to give the level of control that the OP is looking for. I'm sure whatever hardware device is doing it is making changes through IP tables, but other devices provide a GUI for the changes instead of manually scripting it in DD-WRT.

I've got some stuff on my server rack in the office that would do what the OP wants to do, but it probably isn't within his budget.


Winter Springs, FL
The "Web Filter Lite" on Untangle would accomplish what he's looking for, but he'd have to either purchase an untangle device (cheapest one is $995) or convert a computer to an Untangle server (the software is free) and put it behind a switch or router. If he had an old computer laying around he didn't need anymore it could be a possibility.

I don't know the poster's technical expertise level so I don't know if this would be easy for them or above their head.

»www.untangle.com/untangle/how-to ··· -deploy/

»wiki.untangle.com/index.php/Web_ ··· _ones.3F