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Tavistock NJ

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reply to DeathK

Re: Why is it so hard to report the facts?

said by DeathK:

said by battleop:

but so is DSLR for an inaccurate report.

It's not really inaccurate. You just need to read the story to find out what the $26,000 error was. In this case the error was with his credit rating which was screwed up by Comcast's own error. If his credit rating wasn't harmed he wouldn't owe an extra $26,000 on the loan.

He also wouldn't be paying a rate 1% higher if he bothered to get his credit rating squared away before signing for the loan. Comcast doesn't lose this in court. They are on the hook for their error of approx $200 and maybe some lawyers fees, but not for the fact he signed the loan for a higher rate.
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