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Re: [Classes] Monk Impressions?

Monk is a really fun class overall. I havent tried Mistweaver healing yet, but both brewmaster and WW are very good, fun, and viable specs to play. Brewmaster tanking is the most fun I have ever had tanking. You feel so useful and with the new active mitigation tanking model it is very easy to seperate the bad tanks from the good ones. WW DPS is rly fun to play. Only drawback to WW DPS is it doesnt have any niche to fill. It has no cleave or execute so you dont really get to shine on any fights. It still does good DPS and it is good at fast target switches. It also has some of the best sustained AOE in the game. In pvp WW is ok. It has some good surv and control. Just takes some getting used to. They do lack initial burst which can hurt certain comps.