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Ruffs Dale, PA
reply to I AM

Re: [Classes] Monk Impressions?

I boosted mine straight to 80, so leveing experiences may vary.

I had leveled my monk with intentions of only healing on it. Did a fair bit of pve and pvp healing on it. The initial monk playstyle was completely over powered. They wee simply untouchable. Currently they are decent, require a more active and structural healing rotation to be optimal. In regards to other healing classes monk are middle of the road atm, but the play style is refreshing and the pvp is pretty fun, albeit they have soem holes for cd's that are being addressed.

Currently though due to some in guild unforseen circumstances I am casually doing monk dps. DPS monks are definitely a different playstyle from my rogue days. Monk scale really hard with gear so aat first it was a bit disheartening seeing my poop dps, but once gear starts rollni in they are legit.

If you enjoy melee then definitely give monk a shot. Monk level extremely fast with their 100% xp buff that you can get daily and every 10 levels that lasts 3 hours? At level 85 you can run the end of time instance and the bronze dragon boss can reset that buff into infinity and itll last all the way to 90

Monk kind of feels like a warrior in Tera with the mobility and plays like a rogue/warrior hybrid. Give it a try 10 day pass it at the very least when you actually have time to play more than an hour a day.

Ephrata, PA

Rogue warrior hybrid sounds fun. Do they have heals as well? Sorta like a pally?


Ruffs Dale, PA

They have heals, but as dps they work a bit differently. They can drop healing spheres, that you would pick up liek a mystic in Tera, they use their chi(think rogue combo points/paladin holypower) to shoot a chi wave(basically prayer of mending that damages enemies and heals friendlies its a talent) and one of their dps abilities expel ahrm, heals and does damage to enemies(more damage the more healing it is capable of so better when you have less health).