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Ianto Jones

Merchantville, NJ

Only way he could win....

Would be if that was the ONLY issue on his credit reports. If there are ANY other negitives, then there isn't any way to prove 100% that the comcast account was the sole cause of the increase in the loan.

Been there done that. And I would be willing to bet he would NEVER get anyone on the loan side to state the comcast account was the cause of the increase if there is anything else on his report.

Now if it was the only thing.....

What I don't get, and I didn't see in the article, was I know with anything I've done, I was always told to try and clear things up before loans were finalized. And while it said he contacted comcast a couple of times.... it doesn't sound like he went any further then that. (Using the consumer protection credit laws or anything which could have gotten this squared away in a rather short period of time)