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Re: Good gaming mouse?

I have the Razer Naga gaming mouse(»www.razerzone.com/gaming-mice/razer-naga). I had some issues with it early on, but it seems that things have been fixed after a few updates. I really enjoy it and the extra "macro" buttons are very convenient. Not just for MMO's (which I don't play) but for every game(and application) out there.

If you want a wireless one, Razer also makes the Naga Epic (»www.razerzone.com/gaming-mice/ra···ga-epic/)

So lets see about your checklist: 1) Razer Naga Epic is wireless, Razer Naga Original is NOT. 2) Because of the nature of having 17 extra buttons, with this mouse you can program any button that you would have on your keyboard to a button on the mouse. You can also create profiles for different programs such as Starcraft 2 or the Google Chrome web browser.

For instance, when I'm surfing the web, I created a profile for Chrome that whenever I use Chrome my Chrome profile kicks in. I've set button #1 to refresh the page. #2 to scroll down by 1 screen length, #3 to scroll up by 1 screen length, #4 to go to the bottom of the page, #5 go back to the top of the page. I can also program buttons to open applications. My button #12 opens Notepad, #11 opens Thunderbird, #10 opens Tweetdeck, etc etc. All of this is done from my mouse because of the customized profiles I created.

Once I jump into Starcraft, my profile is automatically loaded and from there my mouse is used with my SC2 macro buttons. And so on. Basically, any button you need to program from your keyboard to your mouse, you can.

And finally, criteria #4: Razer makes some very nice peripherals including keyboards. Granted, sometimes these devices have their share of issues but updates usually fix them in due time. If I was still having issues I obviously wouldn't recommend something to someone. But things have been fixed since I purchased this about a year and a half ago, I can now stand by my Razer Naga. So yes, the Razer Naga is a very very well crafted mouse in both texture, feel, customization, high DPI/accuracy, and build.

And NO, I do NOT work for Razer. I just own a few of their products.