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Evans, GA

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reply to Immer

Re: [Classes] 5.0.4 Holy DPS Priest, Batman!

I don't plan on contributing much more to this forum... but I'm still very attached to the Priest threads. While I was debating which of my healing specs to drop for shadow so that I can better complete dailies... I found that such a decision will just have to wait.

2 words: Holy DPS

Seriously... I completely underestimated the change to Chakra:Chastise

said by Patch5.1 :
Chakra: Chastise now increases the damage dealt by Shadow and Holy spells by 50% (was 15%), and reduces mana costs by 90% (was 75%) while the ability is in effect.
While questing, I was pulling 35k+ single-target dps... had some AoE spikes near 70k thanks to Divine Star and lots of little adds. My Disc spec holds a steady 20k while questing. As Disc I'm indestructible as long as I have mana... as Holy I have to actually heal myself occasionally... but man what a difference in dmg output. I'm still working on fine-tuning this approach (cut my experiment short to work on the druid).

Talent Changes: I switched Mindbender over to PW:Solace; and switched Cascade to Divine Star.

Glyph Changes: I didn't change any glyphs because I'm still needed to heal as holy for some fights. However, I do plan to run an LFR as Holy DPS soon. I will swap out my CoH glyph for the HF glyph so that HF will be insta-cast and allow me one more smite per debuff. I'd also most likely drop Lightwell for Smite (+20% Smite dmg to targets with HF debuff). Lightspring glyph will remain active so I can still contribute some emergency healing to the raid (so i can help heal through the stupid). I'm confident I can pull decent dps as Holy in LFR. I don't expect to top any meters... but I don't envision getting booted for low dps.

Reforge Changes: I didn't mess with my reforges since my Holy gear is already haste heavy. If I were going to dedicate myself to DPSing as Holy (and contributing to its inevitable nerf) I'd reforge out of Mastery into Haste > Crit.

Changes to my Action Bar: Newly keybound abilities were-Holy Fire, Smite, SW:Pain, SW:Death, PW:Solace, and Holy Word: Chastise, (DivineStar was already macroed in).

My priority system was mostly:
HF debuff
Chastise Buff
Divine Star

*Smite has a chance to refresh the CD on HW:Chastise, so it is definitely the spam spell... just like Disc.

My Clique profile still has all of my healing spells, so at any time I can swap Chakras and start healing. I still provide the raid with Guardian Spirit and Divine Hymn Raid CDs. It's good to be a Priest.

A neat experiment would be for those of you who are Primarily Shadow but carry a Holy OS would be to see if you can manage comparable dps/dmg done in your OS with the aforementioned tweaks.

Seriously, though... give it a shot. I haven't gone full-dmg and I can out dmg my disc spec (it takes a lot more work, atm... so Disc will be my fall-back "I'm going to do these dailies lazy-style" spec).
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said by Immer:

I don't plan on contributing much more to this forum...

Just noticed this...why are you leaving/not commenting anymore Immer?