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Arlington Heights, IL
reply to adam1991

Re: My letter to Colleen Abdoulah

You expressed yourself well in the letter, although frankly the term "vulture capitalist" strikes me as unnecessary and takes away from your already-strong message. Not all venture capitalists are evil, and name-calling doesn't strengthen your argument.

That said, I agree that Ms Abdoulah and her team haven't handled this well at all, for all the reasons pointed out in this thread. Anyone with an IT background could write a textbook on how not to plan upgrades and expansion based on this case.

In the middle of all this tumult, I came home on October 31 to find my WOW service had been cut at the pole-- by a *Comcast* tech who was installing service next door. It was clearly a case of malice on the Comcast tech's part, as it was very obvious whose drop went to which house. To WOW's credit, they sent someone out the next day to restore my service.

(My complaint to Comcast went as far as a form-letter response from their Chicago-area manager, but I am pursing this further with my local municipality.)

I appreciated the fact that WOW responded quickly to a problem that wasn't caused by themselves, so I'm still a happy albeit somewhat frustrated customer.