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Re: [NFL] Sanchez Benched, Tebow heading to CFL?

I agree with what I saw and heard Steve Young say about Tebow. Young and I both think that he needs to go somewhere or do what is necessary to learn how to correctly physically throw the ball. His current method is both physically wrong and ineffective.

Tebow should also go somewhere outside of the NFL and play a couple of years learning the QB skill required to be successful in the NFL.

Young added that in essence the time Tebow has spent in the NFL so far has just taken away the time Tebow could have used doing the above and then come back with an opportunity to try and succeed in the NFL with his newly acquired skills and experience. Young said all of the above in a positive and authoritative way when speaking about Tebow.

Young also was not very favorable about Jim Harbaugh's decision for the QB change but he danced around directly criticizing him when pressed. He did say that the thought that Smith was an excellent QB and that he, (Young) could not even imagine if he had happen to him what happen to Smith that he could be a positive and team oriented in his public comments and reaction to the situation as Smith had been. Young gave Smith an "A Plus."


Oakland, CA

After Kaepernick was named the NFC offensive player of the week, Young just can't stop dancing.

Here's a guy who's hardly played, and they're going into Seattle - I was in Seattle earlier this year. There is no more difficult place to play than playing this defense in Seattle. It's going to be brutal. I have a feeling they're not going to ask him to do too much, and what they ask him to do he'll do, and he'll find little ways to do more, to do the extra, to do something that you didn't expect, to go win the football game. That's when quarterbacking gets really good from a coach's standpoint: What I ask him to do, he'll do, and then there's something that's inexplicable, something that I couldn't coach, something that I couldn't draw up, and it's positive. And it wins the game. Whether it's a 50-yard run or different throws or some big scramble - those are the kinds of things that makes coaching and winning games a lot easier.

Despite the fact that it was hard for me to deal with the transition and how it went, I've got to say that Colin - you couldn't ask for more at this point.