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[Excel] Updating Form buttons

I have a form with buttons on. I want them to change colour as they are clicked, to improve the contrast. I have the following code;

Which I know works because I've attached it to a button to run. Where can I put it so that it runs every time a button is clicked, without having to repeat it for every single "Onclick" command?

I have been messing with;

for the worksheet that contains the control source for all the buttons, but it doesn't seem to work.

Any miracle solutions?

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If you would attach the worksheet it would be much easier to help. I think I know what you are talking about, but an example would be much better.
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Grey Area

Trouble is the worksheet is huge and contains a lot of proprietary data...by the time I stripped all that out it would be hard to replicate it.


I think I've sussed it. I have put the control sources for the buttons in one sheet, and I look them up in another. It allows users to sort the second sheet without screwing up all the control sources (SO stupid that they don't follow within VB when they move, but never mind).


I had the Worksheet change event on the second sheet and it appears that a change in a formula is not enough to trigger it - I've put the code on the sheet with the sources now and it seems to work fine.


The code seems to make Excel unresponsive if I edit the source sheet without having the form open. Does anyone know a quick "IF" test that will check if the form is loaded and skip the code if it's not?