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Hamilton, ON
reply to canblue

Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem.

Some of us posted here:

»[Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem..

and canblue got impatient and dual posted.

I thought the rules were that the dual post would be deleted. I think dslreports needs to get its act together relative to dual posts that have been going on since 2012-12-18 12:07:18 reposted here: 2012-12-18 12:33:41;
because he / she was impatient.

Can these dual posts be picked up and the poster stepped on.

The original poster OR the Moderator could have fixed this days ago.

If the repost isn’t picked up initallty then delete all posts and force the poster to repost.

There is a hole in the system.

I and others are wasting our time posting to SMOKE.

Notice that those that posted to the other thread have said basically "enough crap" and gone silent.



I am sorry for the dual post. I was not aware of until a day ago. I did not get feedback, that I saw to say that the post was successful. I was hoping that the 2 threads would be merged and the locked one deleted to eliminate any further confusion.

All that aside, Bell did a followup today and they were able to increase the UL speed. They informed me that the line and connection stability are now the limiting factors. The UL speed I now consider falls into the "up to" range. I am satisfied at this time
buy I will continue to a speed test now and then to check on things.

I was impressed with how Bell ultimately stepped up but it took many calls and persistence to get to talk to the correct people. As with the internet there is a lot of inaccurate information within the Bell service/help group and I hear that Bell is working to solve this.

All of the agents I actually spoke with were very professional in their approach to solving the problem. For my part, I did not rant or demand. I just stated the results I observed and requested that the speeds move closer to the package limits.