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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to LazMan

Re: SkyNet Canada-Commercial Optical Network

said by LazMan:

$400 install to off-net buildings? Unless you're signing people up for 15 year contracts, that's insane...

Construction costs are a minimum of a couple grand, and can be 10x that easily...

You gotta pull back the curtain a little further here... There has to be more conditions and/or costs involved.

Just doing an aerial drop from a pole to a customer building with an existing FOSC costs us around $1200 by the time splicing, etc. is done. If you have to cut in a new FOSC, or you have to trench to the communications conduit, or bore under a road, it just gets worse from there.

If I have to do any major construction to get to a customer, I'll typically assess the situation, and see if it opens up any other opportunities, and might eat some of the costs - but when it comes to building a lateral in to a customer's prem, that's a different story.
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Most of my stuff is underground, in a dense urban area... A new lateral off an existing duct passing by a building is typically 15-25 k all in, and 50k isn't unheard of... We won't build unless the customer signs a long enough contract to provide an RoI or covers part of the install charges.

As soon as we get out of the urban core, though, costs start to drop to more reasonable levels...