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2wire HomePortal1000SW Local Network Won't Work

I'll start off by saying I have no technological bone in my body, so I'm gonna need a pretty good amount of help.

Ok here we go:

I have a 2WireHomePortal1000SW and a Linksys wireless router. The Linksys is hooked up to my desktop CPU. I haven't had trouble with the Local Network for years until I rearranged my desk. All of my devices ie. Mac, iPhone, PS3 notice it and connect to it, but it doesn't connect to the Internet. For example, on my iPhone on settings I go to wifi and choose my wifi, then it has a blue check mark by it (meaning it connected) then when I want to surf the web the Internet doesn't work. On my 2Wire, the power button is green and the Broadband thing is green, but the Local Network is blank, neither green or red. What can I do to fix my local network?

said by Garrert :

...for years until I rearranged my desk. ...

When you rearranged your desk, did you unplug or plug in anything? What else might have changed? Could a cable have become ajar from the moving?