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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Just Bob

Re: [Internet] Very slow internet speed tonight

Bob the internet is a collection of networks, servers and misc hardware most outside the control of your local or even adjacent providers. Your experience will vary from site to site, location to location depending on handfuls of reasons. There is nothing that can be done about that. Our obligation is to deliver you to the interwebs at the speeds we advertise. We do that...beyond that you are at the mercy of any number of networks, network conditions, server capacity at the remote site and the almighty network management imposed by networks external to BHN. In this case your test results prove we are delivering not only on-net but also off-net and thats what counts.
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Just Bob
Spring Hill, FL

Oh come on. We both know the internet is a series of tubes.

I started my computer career in 1964 back when computers really were tubes.

But as long as I have your attention, I'm considering a personal DNS server either running on my desktop or as a dedicated machine. I've run Treewalk DNS in the past and was happy with it but that's no longer available.

I'm open to suggestions or being told I'm wasting my time and money.
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