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reply to amungus

Re: Similar issue

said by amungus:

I think this sums it up. If anyone gave half a damn about their fellow human, instead of shirking responsibility, or only caring about their own interest, or --"insert excuse here"-- this would probably have been resolved with ease. Instead, it's probably a case of people who feel powerless against the machine that Comcast imposes ("I can't fix this, my computer says so..."). If there was even a tiny bit of effort, somebody in the system could have probably had this over with in about 5 minutes.

Not that I'm much more in favor of having this go to court, but messing with his credit is overboard for a cheap modem. Kind of insane that they can mess with your credit in the first place. It's cable service. If a person doesn't pay up, they should just cut service, and be done with it. If equipment isn't returned they should take it to small claims court if it needs to go that far.

These go to courts because companies are not willing to resolve matters easily. Freaking Comcast only paid about 80% of damages when they acknowledge they were at fault they didn't want to pay me cash but I didn't want to go fight for the other 20% and lose time. They wanted to give me services, credits, and all this crap. However the general people bend over providing their social security for everything. My card says not to give this out like candy, but people willingly give it out to anyone or anything and ask questions regarding the manner that it will be used. Then they wonder why there is so much identify fraud cases when the social is thrown around. People need to be more informed and stop being so lazy. If we stop bending over so much then perhaps companies will change their tune and bring back some customer service.

Also the fact that they discriminate for anyone not wanting to provide it as well as put barriers makes it a pain in the ass for people to not provide it. You don't want to provide it? Pay up more, can't place an order for service online, etc.