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Fitchburg, MA
reply to amungus

Re: Thin. Effing. Air.

said by amungus:

Also, fair notice. My head is in pain today. If my math is broken anywhere here, please correct me and I'll amend.

Your math appears fine. Having trouble grasping your point, though. Is it that there are data caps? Is it that if a user queues up enough downloads/uploads to saturate their connection that they will eventually hit their cap? I'm guessing a provider would not set a data cap ABOVE the maximum possible.
Jay: What the @#$% is the internet???

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Only that caps are a sham. Sure, they wouldn't set them *above* what's possible at a given speed package, but the use could stand some further attention when broken down as above as a factor of time.

BF69 - my point is not that one would use their connection 24/7, it's that with the caps in the math, one can only use their connection at full theoretical speed levels for a very short amount of time. Assuming the max Netflix stream use, we get into even further limitations on use by time, especially when considering an "average household" where multiple users would be looking to stream more than 1-2hrs. per day. In such use cases, it's not at all difficult to hit just about any cap currently listed by any ISP.

My point is to take a close look at caps, what they mean, and how data vs. time measures up. Having ordinary users track, measure, and restrict themselves seems like an unneeded step in the wrong direction for wired services. The ISP should take measures to lower speeds a little bit at a time if they really are that worried about it - take a user from 20 to 10Mbps in 1Mbps steps or something if there really is some concern with the quantity of data over a span of time (days?).