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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
reply to GLIMMER

Re: Mediacom working to restore cable outages caused by storm

To be fair, I've heard of tech support telling people that and then the person's issues will persist for a day or two and they'll come on here and Chad will say he sees no issues in the area. I don't condone them saying the outage is all of Illinois when it's not, but I imagine they were getting a ton of calls from people in various areas affected by this storm system and it might have just been easier to say that.

One thing I've run into around here is that if power is lost in a certain area nearby, I'm definitely without all service. Perhaps there was a power issue in/around your area that was the root cause of the problem? As of this morning, we still had people around here without power, some for almost 24 hours now. Schools were canceled for the second day in a row. This isn't just some piddly little snowstorm.
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Fisher, IL
it is what it is. It could have been a power outage at the headend 15 miles away. Just checked amerens restoration trends and in fact mahomet did lose power last night. I just wish they could tell you that when you call in. Its bad enough to have to use Google Voice to call in since they block local calls when there is an outage. My GV number is an Indiana number.