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North York, ON
reply to londoner1

Re: New speeds Rogers cable - Teksavvy watch out

said by londoner1:

"In light of the above, the Commission denies RCP’s proposed monthly access rates. The Commission approves on an interim basis the following per-end-user rates for the new aggregated TPIA services, effective the date of this order: $14.25 for 25 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream, $21.00 for 35 Mbps downstream / 3 Mbps upstream, $21.00 for 45 Mbps downstream / 4 Mbps upstream, and $22.69 for 150 Mbps downstream / 10 Mbps upstream."

Can someone tell me to be happy or angry

We dunno yet, because they still haven't ruled on the Part 1.

They're setting prices for the 'new' tiers at the 'old' tiers pricing for agg. Which is good (and frankly right), so there'll no price increase for agg..

But the question is, what happens with the Part 1, which demands speedmatching enforcement?

If Rogers really wanted to, they could grandfather everyone at current speeds, introduce their 'new' tiers for same price, and if you want the speed increases on agg, you'd have to pay the price to set up a new account, or switch speed tiers..

And... Theres no word at all for non-agg.

So, still waiting on Part 1 to decide the fate of TPIA.
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London, ON

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So this is like someone gave me fruit cake for xmas....i was so excited to open it only to find....meh

When is it expected that Part 1 will be ruled on........hopefully it's not a present from the Easter Bunny hahahahaha