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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to whizkid3

Re: Future Proofing home networks

said by whizkid3:

said by nunya:

I think wired networks don't have much of a future at all.

Respectfully, I would have to disagree.

I think it's a matter of blending the two.
Keeping wired networks up to date when you have an outlet in every room is kind of intense. Also, a lot of devices are now wireless only, or pretty annoying to hook up:

- Laptops (Sofa, kitchen table, toilet, you name it, can't hook it up every time).

- Cellphones, Tablet PCs, they are only wireless.

What's left are desktop computers, Set-Top-Box (and variances of it) and network storage. Those are typically in fixed locations.

What I'm doing is running cable to key locations but I'm not going to bother getting a RJ45 port in every bedroom, just the office room.