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reply to RickStep

Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem.

I am sorry for the dual post. I was not aware of until a day ago. I did not get feedback, that I saw to say that the post was successful. I was hoping that the 2 threads would be merged and the locked one deleted to eliminate any further confusion.

All that aside, Bell did a followup today and they were able to increase the UL speed. They informed me that the line and connection stability are now the limiting factors. The UL speed I now consider falls into the "up to" range. I am satisfied at this time
buy I will continue to a speed test now and then to check on things.

I was impressed with how Bell ultimately stepped up but it took many calls and persistence to get to talk to the correct people. As with the internet there is a lot of inaccurate information within the Bell service/help group and I hear that Bell is working to solve this.

All of the agents I actually spoke with were very professional in their approach to solving the problem. For my part, I did not rant or demand. I just stated the results I observed and requested that the speeds move closer to the package limits.