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North, VA

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Re: Bare ground need conduit ??

said by whizkid3:

said by nunya:

Your inspector was wrong and the electrician was right. At an outbuilding with a feeder other than a branch circuit (E.G. sub-panel) then a grounding electrode is required (doesn't have to be a ground rod, but that's typically the defacto choice). ...

Nunya is on the money here. And from what one can see with even his 'simplified' explanation, is that it is a very complex subject that is best left to the pros. And often, many of them get it wrong as well.

Yeah, if the AHJ demands something and you are not a PE or licensed master electrician; you are basically going to have little other recourse but to follow their wishes. Often, even when you are a PE or master electrician - you may still want to follow their (incorrect) wishes, unless its a large monetary hit or other substantial reason to disagree.

But the inspector also made the electrician install a parallel ground rod 5 ft from the original and tie the two together with (NOT ONE) but 2 #6 bare copper conductors. Go Figure.
WTF? Obviously from a carpentry background.

Whiz I'm in a one-man AHJ operation county here. That may explain it. He retired and now we have a retired Fire Department Inspector (whatever that is). I haven't had any dealings with him.