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Re: Email anomaly

No problem, I used to have the 2210, but it couldn't keep up after I was able to get 6meg, so I tried the 3347 and it's been great ever since. I even bought a backup when they were being sold for like $15, new and in the box (I think that's when I last talked to you, to let you know, lol). So far so good.

Be well, and best for the holidays.

Miss the fun in the usenet group.

Miami, FL
We did have fun in those days, even though the newsgroup was a work in progress....as was the DSL then.

If the 2210 you had was before a certain serial number awhile back, it was one of those that kept overheating and burned out. I originally had a couple of those and they replaced them. As I said I had no problem since, except when AT&T needs to crank up their roto-rooter to clean their pipes.
Are you using your 3347 bundled or just as a bridge. I did try mine bundled and it did work, but I have my router loaded with DD-WRT and didn't want stacked routers if I went bridged with the 3347.

Happy Holidays to you as well..