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[Speed] Extreme 105 with SB6120?

I called up Comcast today to see if I could get upgraded to Extreme 105. They claim I need to get their modem and pay $249 for installation. However, on their web page it seems to indicate that my modem, Motorola SB6120, is certified for E-105 service.

Since the promotional E-105 price is about the same as the regular E-50 price I thought I'd give it a shot, but this suddenly makes it silly...

Lincroft, NJ
Whether or not you need to pay the $249 install fee (and have a tech visit) and be able to use your own D3 modem seems to depend on the area: »$250 fee to upgrade to 105 from 50?

Also, some Extreme 50 subscribers in the Northeast were recently automatically upgraded to Extreme 105 service (and Extreme 50 became the new Blast! tier).

Then there have been other posters who have had fun trying to upgrade to 105:
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