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Re: Figures.....

google = data logger / sells your information / offshore tax shelter / etc they are all the same


I don't mind Google collecting my info to use in their business model as long as it provides me a better experience overall. I trust Google far more than I trust ATT and VZW. I hope that Google creates their own mobile network. Giving up my data will ultimately result in a much cheaper service for me and a better experience because they will already know what I like and can deliver that to me much faster than me having to search the net for answers to my questions.


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Google doesn't sell your information, they sell access to your eyeballs based on your overall profile. Advertisers don't know anything about you, they pay Google to show their ads to "X people matching Y profile".

If Google did actually sell your information then that would be a terrible business decision for them, because they could only sell it once to each customer. Instead they can re-sell access to you infinitely.

Sandy, UT
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AT&T, Verizon and TM don't have access to your purchase information. Neither does ISIS.


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said by googlef :

google = data logger / sells your information / offshore tax shelter / etc they are all the same


so who cares if someone else finally returns the $$crewing to google?

not me

i hate ATT, Verizon and most of the rest of those colluding in the cellular industry but google is worse than all. brin and page are lying crooks.


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just wait. just wait until you see a complete profile of you posted online. there are over 500 tracking companies spying on you as you travel the internet and as the years go by they will be consolidating their info, merging, taking over the smaller, etc.

btw 500 freaking companies - there must be making tens of billions selling our private data.