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reply to BrettD

Re: [Voip.ms] voip.ms compromised the privacy of Canadian teleph

Are you really that naive to believe that this DOESN'T already happen in Canada?

Not that I'd be any less pissed off if I were in your shoes, but you're seriously an idiot if you think the same thing doesn't exist in some form in Canada already.

You also should learn a thing or two about your internet connection and routing. You'd be surprised to learn that probably a decent sized portion of your traffic TO Canada, actually passes through the US. To top that off, if your ISP has any issues what-so-ever, your precious data will re-route somewhere else (Most likely the US) so you're right back to the same issue VIA your ISP.

I'm 100KM from Montreal, yet a good portion of my traffic to there, routes either through Toronto, or New York. Pretty much 50/50. And if I go to Toronto, I still cross US soil at some point.

You're argument is nearly invalid.
Nice lawyers card though, well played argument too, but failed.