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What router are you using?

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Re: [Voip.ms] voip.ms compromised the privacy of Canadian teleph

You could mitigate this to a certain extent by configuring your device to use the IP address of VoIP.ms' Toronto equipment rather than toronto.voip.ms. Note that I said "mitigate" and not "eliminate" - for the reasons others have already explained, there aren't very many ways to guarantee what you want with this technology. Note that by doing this you would prevent DNS failover from working, but if this issue is more important to you than reliability you can certainly do it.

EDIT: I just checked and discovered that both major ISPs in Western Canada route traffic to montreal.voip.ms via Chicago.

If you require a very high level of security, you should set up a VPN between you and the locations you want to call securely, and make direct IP calls over it, bypassing the PSTN. You may however decide that this is more trouble than it's worth.

Also I suggest you try to be a little more understanding towards the staff at VoIP.ms who are trying desperately to satisfy the majority of customers who just want a working phone.