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Twinsburg, OH
reply to GIXXERGUY6

Re: My internet really slow after 7pm

Windstream DSLR forum agents are not Helpdesk or Tier I agents. We are all Tier II agents. CRC Data Tier II Specialist II are the highest level of support that Windstream has. We are not customer service agents, we do not have a script to follow, there are very few limitations as to what we can do to resolve a problem.
Regarding filing a public complain: It is well within your rights to contact the FCC or the BBB, but to be completely honest that will end up being worked by this team as well. I was simply trying to offer up a possibility that would allow us to work toward a resolution before it got to that point.
Regarding the potential issues with your signal. It does not have to be a latency outage causing your problem, though I do understand how you could assume such. It is possible that your signal is generating code violations, FEC corrections, and HEC errors all day long. This issue would then be exasperated when utilization on the equipment increased (i.e people get home and usage increases), causing your speed decrease. I am inclined to believe that if you are receiving nearly 60% of your speeds then it is mostly likely not a utilization issue causing the problem. If you would like assistance resolving the issue we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to Larissa in the the Direct Forum »Windstream Direct or send me a PM in the this forum.

Specialist II
We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com


Swanton, OH


You guys have seemingly good answers for all of your customers complaints. You have been trained well I see. HEC/FEC isn't our issues it wouldn't be the whole nations issue!!!! The issue is your product is oversold and utilized. Internet is fine from about midnight until 7pm(or until a large number of your customers are home and utilizing your service. You can try and use all the jargon you want to but the bottom line is your service is oversold and nothing is being done to remedy your customers concerns. SNR during non peak hours is anywhere from 10-12...peak hours it steadily drops to 6.5-8.0 and that is when the speeds decrease to .2mb to 1.5mb upload is .1mb to .6mb and latency goes from non peak hours rate of 55-80ms all the way to 100-380ms consistently getting an average of 190-290ms. Attenuation is 46.5 and never faulters. On other nights the Internet could be working halfassed (100ms 1.5/.5) and the signal would drop out 1-9 times a night until 1-2am.

Techs have came out and said the direct line in the house has no noise and good readings. Lines from the house to the pole have good readings.

The issues here are that an ESTIMATED completion date for our fix of June 2013 is uncalled for especially when Winstream line truck hung fiber over 7 months ago.


Manchester, GA
reply to Windstream

So that means it was Tier II that sent me a form letter saying that my 0.08mbps DL speeds that only happen at specific times of the day were due to my equipment? Thanks, I appreciated that very condescending letter. If I had the money to just willy-nilly throw it around, I would have payed off the remaining 6-month contract and jumped to Comcast. Thankfully, that time is near and I will soon have Functional internet, 24/7/365.

BTW, I *WISH* I only had issues after 7pm. But with the kids out of school I've not had more than 0.6mbps (of a 6mbps contract) for 4 days now. Not at 7am, noon or midnight. Funny how that I've had the exact same "equipment" on other service that had no issue with 50mbps.

Aaron, I hope you understand (continue to understand) that all this anger, it's not at you. You and your fellow agents that try to help are just a finger trying to plug a crumbling damn, good intentions but ultimately unable to do anything to assist. This is a CEO/management issue... we hear it loud and clear, ripping people off is more important to providing good service.

There's actually NO ETA for my area (or wasn't a couple months ago when I finally received a reply). Just a "maybe something might happen in 2013". I've read too many posts here from people who have been waiting YEARS based on "next month it'll be fixed" promises.

Gah, I get really grumpy when someone ELSE fvks with my ability to have an income and I rely on internet access for that.