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Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA
reply to caa100

Re: [VA] Frequent, Short Disruptions in Connectivity

I pinged you for about 30 minutes and didn't drop a single packet?

64 bytes from icmp_seq=2056 ttl=60 time=7.34 ms

--- ping statistics ---
2056 packets transmitted, 2056 received, 0% packet loss, time 2055525ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 6.740/50.906/7436.350/465.932 ms, pipe 8

About the only thing I saw was small blips of latency which is normal when someone is using the internet and or downloading things.

If you're still seeing a problem we'll need to start digging deeper and isolate the problem.

How are you connected to the modem? Do you have a router? Are you using wireless. Have you tired going hardwired? Have you tried taking the router out? etc etc etc.


Annandale, VA

Yes, I saw you pinged me for 35 minutes, and thanks!

I get a latency problem every 13 minutes or so, long enough that for 6 seconds, I cannot access the internet.

I have tested this in a number of ways:
- Wired to my Airport Extreme router
- Wired direct to the Moto SB6141 modem
- Wired to the tech's Netgear modem/router combo instead of my own router & modem
- Wired to tech's Netgear modem/router with Carbonite disabled
- Wired to tech's Netgear modem/router with Norton Disabled
- Wired to tech's Netgear modem/router from a laptop that does not run carbonite or Norton
- From a Mac instead of a PC

I should mention that I have used both a program that cycles its pings through a set of servers, as well as the tech's preferred method of simply pinging google from the command line.

In call cases, about every 13 minutes, I lose connectivity long enough to not be able to load an internet page. Some of these pings come back, but latency is so high that for 6-8 seconds I am effectively disconnected.

My son keeps getting dropped for Leauge of Legends server, and his team is ready to kick him out.

The tech that visited has promised a to set up a check from a plant supervisor, but I have not heard anything.


Annandale, VA

ps, look at your max when you pinged me, that was almost 8 seconds.