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Quincy, MA

[speed/latency] DSL Speed Slow at Night; No Response in Direct S

Greetings. I posted about a problem I was having in the direct support forum last week, with not even so much as a word in response. I was noting some behavior on my DSL line that I wanted investigated/fixed.

Normally, a couple of months ago, I was getting a consistent 10mbps on my line (I have the 7-15 package), but these days starting in the evenings and continuing until after midnight, the speed drops to 1-2mbps (this happens almost all day on weekends). This is not a sync issue, as the modem reads a stable connection at 10mbps+ throughout.

I already had one line repair that fixed some disconnect issues I had been having but did nothing about the nightly slowdowns. This also means that I went through the entire song and dance to prove that I wasn't screwing up the line on my end. The phone tech as well as the line repairman seemed to entirely discount the notion of network congestion as the cause of the issue. Even though the slowdowns coincide perfectly with peak usage hours.

What do you guys think my options are at this point? Because I really don't want to keep paying for severely degraded service at the exact time of day that I'm most likely to use the internet (ie after work).

Some tests from last week (Time stamps are PST, add 3 hours for EST):

Milford, NH
·G4 Communications
·Fairpoint Commun..
·Hollis Hosting

Re: [speed/latency] DSL Speed Slow at Night; No Response in Dire

Since you have eliminated sync speed as the source of the problem it is congestion somewhere between your PC and the remote server.

There is one other possibility and that is your PC is doing background file transfer impacting perceived speed.

Try doing traceroute (tracert in Windows) to stable sites like this one during good times and bad. Latency should slowly increase with distance and hop count. Sudden unexplained jump typically indicates problem at the or the previous hop.

You can also do a line quality test from the tools page. Basically the same thing but from a remote server to your computer as opposed to the other way.

Once you determine problem in more detail next hurdle is getting it resolved. That can be a hurdle with large companies.

Good Luck