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Incline Village, NV
reply to anomcost

Re: Help. Several symptoms

Oh, just remembered -- that was one of the symptoms. Last night noticed a folder and a couple files were gone. Yes, back up tonight! (I'm not going to run Sophos rootkit or anything before I do.) Snowbound anyway. Hot cocoa and flash drive. Fun.

Thanks again!


Incline Village, NV
Hi. Just an update. I think I may have found the problem with the mouse and keyboard freezing up. It kept getting worse till the point where I could barely have the computer on for more than a few minutes before freezing and having to cold boot into safe mode, etc. Usually I have IE open -- I'm a web designer, have to check IE 1st, then check cross compatibility. A few times lately I only had other browsers open -- Chrome, FF, and/or Opera. I noticed the problem did not happen. I figure something must have gotten corrupted with IE 8 (I usually stay an iteration behind, again for checking). Updated to IE 9. So far no problem. I'm hopeful... and keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks again for all your help!


Incline Village, NV
Thought I'd update you. It wasn't the browser... that was wishful thinking. Kept getting worse and worse. I did everything possible, including "Return to Factory Settings" 4 times. Kept getting told different things by HP, followed their instructions to a T, ran all their diagnostics, blah, blah, blah.

Finally sent for an out-of-warranty repair. They returned with new: hard drive, battery, and power cord. Still problems. Sent in again. Got it back 4 days ago with new: fan-heat sink, system board, and keyboard. So far so good, but honestly with what I've gone through with them, I'm still holding my breath. Many horror stories involved with this, including them delivering the computer to the wrong address -- in a different state! (That took 8 solid hours on the phone to straighten out, and even then I had to pay the FedEx to get it. Still trying to get them to reimburse me.)

Two things that bother me re what they did this time: 1) they created 2 Admin users -- and left it that way; and 2) they screwed up Eset. After going through 2 hours with Eset support to undo what they had done, I got a call from an HP case manager yesterday telling me the repair guys had sent her a note to contact me, to let me know that Eset was causing a conflict and was the root of the problem with it shutting down. (If they seriously think this is the problem, why did they wait THREE days to tell me??!!)

They'd told her to not re-install it, to try another AV program and to see if that solves the problem. I said, why don't I leave it in for a few days and see if it creates a problem? I really do think what the repair guys said is bunk, and after 2 hours of working with Eset to fix the shit they had done (which was far more than just uninstalling it), I wasn't too keen on doing that.

Case manager told me there are hundreds of online discussions re: the conflict with Eset causing this problem. I'm not finding them. I asked her what words she used to google. She said she didn't know, just that repair guys told her this.

Maybe there really is a problem, or maybe there was a problem with the last version (was version 5, now 6 with reinstall.) I don't know. I just know I will NEVER buy an HP again and will never recommend them to anyone.

So that's the update. Pray for me.


Incline Village, NV
Oh, forgot to add:

Each time I returned it to Factory Conditions, I just used the trial of Norton that came with it. This was the case as well when they returned the computer to me the 1st time (in Factory Conditions). Only after it started to have problems again did I go through all the hassle of getting Norton completely off my computer and reinstalled Eset (version 5). Thought worth trying to see if that would help. Didn't make a difference.

So, again... I'm dubious that Eset is the source of the problem. Had the same problems with Norton. But I could be wrong. I am hoping that all the hardware failures were the root of the problems.

I know not your area. Just giving a follow-up.

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Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to examine your issues here in Security Cleanup

Appreciate the follow-up...you've certainly been through a lot with this...
It's always a journey when troubleshooting - but you seem to have weathered it well..

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