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New Orleans, LA

[LA] Cox says I have low signal.. & all neighbors modems are off

Solid service with Cox for over a decade. 5 years at this Jefferson Parish residence. Our line runs directly from the poll, drilled into the wall of our office, and goes right into the modem.

Called Cox support because we can't get anything done online. Insisted on speaking with Tier 2 tech and they couldn't do anything. Even after I took my router (Cisco E4200, less than a year old) out of the equation continuous pings timing out left and right. All he could say was that I have a very low signal. I said well is it my modem or the node in my area? We never have issues. He said only the tech Cox could tell and that there is no outage in my area.. Ok.. I asked him (without giving me any personal information) to ping my neighbors. He said all their modems are off. Possible but highly improbable. I mean all their modems "off" doesn't sound like an issue with my "signal level". It sounds like a much bigger problem.

I'm posting this by tethering my phone to my desktop but I have a bad feeling this tech won't be able to solve this tomorrow because it is a bigger issue... Maybe they'll fix it after hours / behind the scenes and I won't need a tech. Wishful thinking.

Chesapeake, VA

Re: [LA] Cox says I have low signal.. & all neighbors modems are

Please PM me your modem's MAC address and I'll take a look for you.