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Alan A

Las Vegas, NV
reply to Alan A

Re: [NV] Cox Internet continually dropping in Las Vegas area

Found out that it lags whenever this happens:

2012-12-21 18:00:45 7-Information C203.0 DCC arrive new
2012-12-21 18:00:40 7-Information C202.0 DCC depart old

Results from googling this says it's because the modem is DOCSIS 2


Las Vegas, NV
DCC = Downstream Channel Change - your modem is shifting to a new channel for load balancing, and is something that was fixed in DOCSIS 3 (by virtue of doing the channel bonding, you're never reliant on a single channel at a time).

If you want to PM me your cable MAC, I can see if there's any reason you're getting those more than usual, but a few times a day, especially in the evening when the channels are busiest, are Just Going To Happen.

Alan A

Las Vegas, NV
Sent it to you.