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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
reply to Lazy Senior

Re: Mediacom working to restore cable outages caused by storm

said by Lazy Senior:

said by Anonymous:

That is if you can reach it. Anyway the worst thing I heard about DirecTV was some dude had their service, the dish was on the roof and it got messed up by a storm (shit happens). He called them and they told him he would need to wait till spring!

That sounds like a urban myth from a Mediacom employee. As one who has had Mediacom TV, Directv and Dishnetwork over a 17 year period, I can assure you that the satellite companies have more TV channels at a lower cost, better HD picture and reliability that Mediacom and cable companies can only dream of.

That explains why every time there's lightning at my cousin's house the satellite immediately loses signal (and I experienced this myself numerous times while babysitting their kids, this isn't just second hand), whereas during every thunderstorm in recent memory at my own house (with cable) I've had almost 100% uptime. They've contacted DirecTV numerous times and they've never been able to fix the issue. My neighbors have had similar issues with both satellite companies, though not as consistently.