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North Richland Hills, TX
reply to dirt_diver

Re: Hello all and big question..

Please understand that any home VoIP service is totally dependent on the Internet being up, power being on at the home (or at least in having battery back up), and the equipment (modem, router, switch (maybe) and ATA) remaining in good working condition. So immediately you've introduced several new points of possible failure when you go to VoIP. Not that these aren't manageable -- just something you have to consider if you want "zero downtime."

You also mention that you have eight (ACD) queues, which (as far as I know) voip.ms does not provide. You may want to explore Asterisk or freeSWITCH (or one of the other VoIP switches) to supply this service for yourself.

I'm not quite sure how you avoid getting DIDs for each employee if they're all at separate homes but, I assume, with Aterisk (or something similar) that some kind of dial by name menu could be set up.

At any rate, you probably should consult with someone who designs business VoIP phone systems as mentioned by PX.

BTW, I'm curious how your SPA122 is working out. I haven't seen many good reviews of that product, but maybe Cisco is finally getting it in "working" (non-beta) condition. Or maybe the SPA122 didn't have the same troubles the SPA112 had -- I don't know.