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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to steelingbox

Re: Every channel flagged as copy once?

said by steelingbox:

I am doing this with windows media center on 4 machines but it sucks so bad I want to get away from it desperately. I like the WMC interface but no one is writing new addons for it that I could find, it crashes randomly, the netflix plugin has broken several times over the few years ive been using it, and I cant save recorded shows to my NAS and share them with other machines. Though I dont think that MS has any control over the last one.
I am using a combination of XBMC and WMC to do the things I want but would rather have one solution to do everything.

Right now the industry is in the middle of the "grey zone" where no solutions really work that well...this is changing quickly...I say within the next year or so expect to see some significant changes that will benefit all especially from the content transportability standpoint. How it ultimately gets adopted remains to be seen but there is significant light at the end of this tunnel...
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