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Re: New Internet plans coming soon of some type...

No idea why they are so insistent on a cap. It seems like the network where I'm at is just fine. Just looks like total greed.

Caps stifle innovation
Gautier, MS
reply to jasonkradiog
Any new updates on the plans so far?

Everyone on the FB page seems a lot more concerned about AMC, lol. They'll eventually reach a negotiation I'm sure.
CableOne 10m/1m


Rio Rancho, NM
Any news, maybe. So I was using their first 50\2 mbit service since August of 2012, and I did not like it for the reason of being capped. I mean, it is fast, but capped. When I was making that phone call this week about web space thing I also asked technical support about their new plans and they have redirected me to sales office. Over there some nice lady told me that as of right now they are running this promotion thing where I would be able to get a 100GB limit (instead of my 50GB) for the same price I am paying right now ($50+taxes). So, I just said, "Sure, let's do that" These are the only news I have. They will probably lunch something new this summer, as usual. So I'll be patient as their service is the best one where I'm living right now. Plus, for the 3 or so years I am with them it has been like 98-99% up and running for sure.


I do like how they have been doing well keeping the up time, hopefully they will think about at least boosting the cap up to 200-250MB range. Seeing all these articles of other communities getting "free" boosts in download speeds of nearly 200Mbps is depressing... feels like I'm in the stone age stuck at 10mbps for capless downloads.


Eagle, ID
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I pay $70 no contract for business line 50/2 -Cable1. Caps are not enforced. You should call to see if they offer that in your area.