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Youtube at primetime issues

Hey folks, I have a bit of a question I'm hoping someone can help me with here.
I'm on the new 50meg profile from Telus here and yet, at primetime, (6pm-10pm), youtube does not load videos properly. Does anyone know if this is a youtube issue or a Telus issue? When my buddy uses his Shaw 25 meg plan it buffers just fine even on the 1080p setting.
Then, after 10pm my Telus connection works just fine. Is it possible there is some throttling going on? I ask this because my connection only suffers at primetime with youtube, no other sites though really.

Anyway, just wondering if that's me only.



Edmonton, AB

first check your flash player is set to full buffer, 1080 videos eat the default buffer size with a few secs of video.

now that being said, I find changing quality results in a poor connection and buffer issues(anytime). using a download manager that has multiple concurrent connects hits my bandwidth limit.

This has been a constant problem and tracert confirms a bad route to youtube. Not sure if this is an issue with shaw as well but if they charge me one cent for data I'll go find out.


reply to YouTubeIssue

I can confirm that YouTube takes way too long to buffer videos (sometimes it has a hard time loading even 480p) but I do have trouble watching videos in 1080p and 720p (at times).
I am running the latest version of Flash / Java (update all my plugins very regularly), and am running the latest version of my browsers.
This issue is present on every browser.
Clearing the browsing history doesn't help. I also rebooted my router, but still no luck.
So, no, you are not alone.


Edmonton AB
reply to YouTubeIssue

I am pretty sure it's YouTube. I'll try watching 1080p video and it buffers non stop at times. I go and try their test video at same resolution and it works perfectly while the other one is still buffering. I've seen this complaint in a few other places so I'm fairly certain it's not just Telus users that are affected.


reply to YouTubeIssue

Hmm, I'm wondering if it's only with certain ISP's? So far I'm loving the connection with the 50/10, but I do watch a lot of youtube and only being able to watch at 480 at primetime doesn't seem right on a fast connection. I hope they fix it sometime soon!
My neighbor, on Shaw, doesn't have this issue at primetime, must be a partnering issue or something?

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said by YouTubeIssue :

My neighbor, on Shaw, doesn't have this issue at primetime, must be a partnering issue or something?