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San Francisco, CA

[General] Sporadic connectivity

Elite service. Dedicated DSL line, no filters. Have rebooted several times. ATT speed test: 2.99 Mbps down, .61 up. Center (of 5) lights frequently flashes red, so connection is often interrupted. Calls to tech have left me mystified - they said there was a connectivity problem and now say there isn't. Any way to check if it is simply a defective modem?

SpeedStream 4100: ADSL Information
Line State UP
Modulation ANSI
Data Path fast

To Modem To Internet
Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 6016 768
SN Margin (dB) 6.5 -
Line Attenuation (dB) 46.0 -
Loss of Signal 0 -
Loss of Frame 0 0
CRC Errors 1393 2

ATM Information
VPI / VCI 0 / 35
Protocol PPPoE

In Octets 17448
In Errors 2
In Unicast Packets 101
In Non Unicast Packets 0
In Discard Packets 0

Out Octets 10233
Out Errors 0
Out Unicast Packets 88
Out Non Unicast Packets 0
Out Discard Packets 0

Reno, NV
The only sure way to check for a defective modem is to swap in a known good modem and watch for the problem to re-appear.

If there is a problem with the 4100, usually it is due to a failure of the wall wart than the modem itself. That is more when there is a total failure than some intermittent failure.

Your download through put is lower than it should be on an Elite profile. I wonder if they have set your profile wrong at the gateway.

You might try posting in AT&T Direct: »AT&T Direct to see if a tech there thinks it is due to your modem. Also you might mention your download throughput is below 5 mbps down.
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