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Broadcom wireless adapter not cooperating

Uverse 3801HVG Gateway handling the wireless. A new to the network HP 6735b with BCM 4322AG wireless adapter can at best only get 8Mbps, most times only 1 or 2 Mbps. Updated with latest driver ( still no good. The Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet works fine

Another wireless laptop gets the full 12Mbps so its not the Gateway settings.

Using Speakeasy's speed test and Win 7. Any suggestions?


united state
as the 3801 is a black box at this point, your solution may lie in the broadcom driver settings.

go to device manager in windows and find the broadcom adapter. right click and click properties. There should be a whole host of settings on the second or third tab.

one thing i've noticed is that cross-vendor compatibility is sometimes not very good(the 3801 has an atheros chipset).


Thats the first thing I did. The problem is definitely on the computer not the ATT box. But there is no differences between the settings on the laptop that works and the one that doesnt. Thats what makes it so maddening.


Almost 20 hours later I tried it again and inexplicably its actually getting a little more than the 12 Mbps I pay for. Go figure.