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Honolulu, HI
reply to Fleeced

Re: [TWC] still lagging after a year

i've had oceanic swap the modem twice and i've had 4 different routers throughout the last year of this lag and nothing's changed... i just got the dsl connection 2 days ago and so far it's the same issues so i really am not sure what it is... like maybe i have a problem underneath the house? or? thinking it has to be something interfering with it.. cause my friends have the same 2 providers and i've been to all of their houses and they don't have the same issues it's a lot smoother at their places and they don't have those really bad laggy moments so often like i do.. it just feels out of sync and really awkward... and it's odd because i remember the day it all happened i signed on and played and i was like wtf???? and then i was like oh maybe i need to restart my modem and router and i did and it didn't change and hasn't changed since... i do remember having some power outages from a huge storm around that time and i remember that day people were working on the street if i'm not mistaken.... anyone have any ideas on what to do? who to call? what to try or ask about? please i really appreciate any help thanks in advance